Craps Strategy – Making An Odds Bet

There is one similarity between the versions of craps played in the brick and mortar card rooms and internet casinos like Jackpot Party and that is the house edge.

Craps, although enjoyable, is a game where the casino has an edge built into the foundations of the game. You cannot beat the edge but you can reduce it by betting smartly.

The smartest bets to place in a game of craps are on the pass line or come line. The house edge for these bets are 1.41%. But occasionally you can improve these odds even further with a bet known in Craps as an Odds Bet.

The Odds Bet is the only bet that you will never see on the layout of a Craps board and there is good reason.  Odds bets are won to true odds meaning there is no house edge when you place an odds bet.

So you can see that in order to maximise your chance of winning in the game of craps you have to add odds bets to your pass line, come line, don’t pass line and don’t come line bets. In the game of Craps this is called taking the odds.

It is pretty standard for the house to only allow you to double your original bet, which reduces the house edge to only 0.85%. With an odds bet Craps becomes one of the smartest games to play in the casino.

When deciding to play Craps or slot games online make sure that you understand the maximum odds bets allowed on the pass and come lines. If a casino were to give you 100x odds for example this would bring the house edge to 0.02%. Now 100x is a pretty big bet but placing a wager of 10x will also reduce the house edge to 0.18%.

So when you are playing Craps remember to ask for the Odds Bet. It is hiding somewhere!

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