49ers need to be at their best to silence the noise hawks

Seattle Seahawks fans are famous for making life hell for their opponents, whether they happen to be Super Bowl contenders or just a struggling team who have the misfortune to be playing a road game in Seattle.

However, the Christmas eve game between Seattle and the 49ers is arguably going to be one of the biggest games in recent years to be held during the regular season and one of the most popular for NFL bets. Add in the fact that the two franchises are major rivals and you can start to imagine the noise and tension that will be present at the game!

With the Niners knowing all too well that they need to secure a win if they are to secure a chance of winning home field advantage and a bye in the play-offs, and the Seahawks aware of the importance of being able to boast a winning season, the pressure will be on both sides to put on a confident display for their fans.

Although the 49ers will be favourites in the football betting to secure a victory, the same could also have been said prior to the game last season, and we all know how that fell apart for the Niners! That said, the fact remains that the teams that will be in action this year will be of a completely different vintage to those present last season, despite the relatively insignificant change in personnel for the 49ers.

With this in mind, you would be hard pressed to argue that Seattle will be able to overcome the amazing defence of the 49ers, and the slow but steady attacking plays from Alex Smith (a man who has almost managed to shake off his tag as being the rubbish first draft pick!)

Whatever the outcome, the fact is that of the two franchises, only one is close to where it wants to be and that is the San Francisco 49ers.

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