2011 British Flat Jockey

With the Flat season drawing to a close there are few punters placing bets on the British Flat jockey championship winner market. Most people interested in horse betting consider the market as a speciality bet but there is still the opportunity to benefit from getting involved.

There are just four jockeys being quoted with horse betting odds by the bookmakers to win the championship. These four are Paul Hanagan (4/9), Kieren Fallon (2/1), Silvestre De Sousa (33/1) and Richard Hughes (100/1).

Whilst Richard Hughes can be discounted the other three deserve some consideration. Paul Hanagan is currently leading the championship race by nine wins with Fallon in second place and De Sousa in third trailing but an additional four wins. De Sousa’s chances of victory were further hampered when he was hit by a four day ban following his ride on the Mark Johnston-trained Teide Peak.

This leaves De Sousa with a lot to do if he is to catch and overtake Hanagan and the odds on him doing so drifted as the ban was announced. There is likley to be an appeal but the prospects of the ban being overturned seem slim.

As a result, punters who do not mind backing horse bets at odds-on prices could do worse than consider the merits of the Hanagan odds. Whilst they appear tight the opportunity for him to grab the title look strong.

Those looking for longer odds might well be tempted by the odds offered on Fallon but he has a lot to do if he is to claim victory and his form at present can be considered a little patchy.

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