Anywhere But the U.S.: Welcome to the Club. New Gambling Site,, Check it Out

Ok. I consider it one of my main roles, to turn you on to  NEW casinos, NEW gambling sites  that you might  want to test out on your own.

And hopefully report back to me and everyone who regularly checks out this site.

And so I introduce you all to the UK-licensed virtual sportsbetting site at

A warning: you cannot bet on if you live in the U.S. However there is a bill pending in Congress that may change all that.

In the meantime, this is for our out of the U.S. viewers.

Plus…should you happen to travel outside our borders, you can check them out and play.

I know it’s ridiculous, but then again, I don’t want anyone to be fined or get in trouble.

However, I do think  y’all should know about, cos it is pretty cool.

These folks have released a downloadable online casino featuring a good selection of games including a variety of popular slot and branded titles.
The new Malta-licensed online casino utilises software from Playtech, Chartwell and CryptoLogic while boasting over 150 of the best titles around including over 50 multi-line slots in addition to in excess of 30 card and table games.

Now I have not yet completely checked the site out, so be warned. Play at your own risk.

That’s what I will do, I assure you.

The domain also has a variety of soft and fixed-odds games while its progressive blackjack table features an average jackpot of $250,000 with a return to player of 99.53 percent.

In addition, the new domain comes complete with 19 progressive slots ranging in complexity from simple three-reel games up to five-reel and 20-line monsters featuring rewarding bonus rounds with average jackpots of up to two million dollars.

“Looking at over 30 card and table games, the casino offers versions of your favourite games through nine different blackjack games, eight roulette variations and over a dozen other popular table and card games,” read a statement from

With over 70 different slot games on offer, it’s easy to get lost in the selection. From classic single line to 50-line video slots, you can bet pennies or pounds, it really doesn’t make a difference.

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