The (Gambling) Beat Goes On: Maryland Legislators, Cash-Starved of Course, Considering Legalization of Card Games at Racetracks

Poverty makes strange bedfellows, right?

Like once anti-gambling legislators now doing a 180 degree turn and looking for any kind of revenue relief. Anything but new taxes.

So…Maryland state senators are now considered amending a bill this week that could bring card games to one racetrack so games would be allowed in five other locations, as well.

Hours later, members of the House of Delegates urged a panel to back one bill that would permit table games like craps and roulette at slots locations, as well as legislation to bring slot machines to veteran organizations across the state and the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Personally, I love it. Hell, I’m always traveling to D.C. from my home in Pennsylvania.

Some residents backing certain gambling bills say the measures are necessary at a time when governments and groups are hurting for cash.

Yeah. Right.

“A lot of veterans are getting older, a lot of members aren’t coming anymore so we’re losing money,” Frederick Taylor, a Vietnam vet from Largo, Maryland, said of the bill to allow slot machine in veteran organizations.

A spokesman for Gov. Martin O’Malley says he has no interest in expanding gambling in the state, but senators are seriously considering legislation to bring card games to Prince George’s County.

For those of you not familiar with that location, PG County borders Washington D.C.

State senate GOP leader Allan Kittleman says any referendum on the issue should allow voters to approve having card games in multiple locations. Kittleman said he would have a commission pick five other locations for the games besides Rosecroft.

Maryland voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2008 that allows up to 15,000 slot machines in five locations.

We’ll keep an eye out of what happens.

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