The Bluff Call

Is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly timed bluff in poker? The satisfaction of taking down a pot with nothing can be the sweetest feeling. The bluff call is simply that call you make on the turn when you are setting up a bluff for later on in the hand.

As with most things in life, even when it comes to Fruit Machines, the best things take time and planning. In poker a bluff rarely works when it is attempted rashly and without preparation.

Most people will know that they will be trying a bluff before the flop even comes down. Try this as an example; you call a pre-flop raise with a trash hand, don’t hit the flop, but still call the raise on the flop from your opponent. Why?

Simple. If you have a good read on the opponent, you can represent a very strong hand. These bluffs work best when the flop looks dangerous – straights, trips, that sort of thing – because that element of doubt playing in the mind of the guy sitting opposite you can be utilised to your own advantage quite easily.

The bluff call on the flop indicates strength – it looks like you are trapping your opponent for a raise on the turn or river. But remember; you’ll need a read on him, otherwise you might plough into a monster with a terrible bluff!

Weirdly these types of plays work better against better players. They are more likely to understand the play you are trying to make – the representation of a very strong hand.

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