South Carolina Lawmakers Consider Easing Up on Gambling Laws

OK, so you’re having a quiet game of cards (for money of course) with your friends in say… Charleston. Friendly game. Poker maybe.

Knock on the door.

Boom. You’re busted.

That’s right. In South Carolina (one of the prettiest states in the Union), people are still being busted for blue laws first established in the early 1800s.

Crazy isn’t it?

I mean, what is the South Carolina Lottery if not gambling?

Oh right. Money raised goes to education.

n 1802, laws were enacted that would make gambling illegal in the state – even for charitable purposes or in home, social events.

Finally, new legislative events may change these laws, as legislators are pushing to overturn these ancient laws.

Why? Cos the state needs THE MONEY, why else?

According to the law, games using cards or dice, including such family favorites as Monopoly, are illegal in the state.

Somebody stop me from laughing.

Under the new bill, certified not for profit organizations can use raffles to raise money, and social gambling, such as home poker games, will be permitted.

Furthermore, residents are going to have the ability to vote on whether or not the state constitution would be amended to allow raffles by churches, schools, and similar organizations.

Some opponents fear that if social gambling and charitable are legalized, then more forms of gambling will invade the state. In a time where tax revenues are nearly crippled in many state economies, new methods of generating revenue are being explored.

So cut the crap Carolina.

And legalize gambling.

Your people are doing it anyway. Might as well tax winnings. And casinos…

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