Rollin’ On a River: Charleston, South Carolina OKs Boat Casinos

Are we becoming a gambling nation?

Um, maybe.

And is that necessarily a bad thing?

I don’t think so.

Look, there is no question that legalizing gambling has been done for one reason and one reason only: states are BROKE.

And gambling tax money is an easy way to at least help with local budgets.

Latest in line is South Carolina, which just expanded gambling in their state to include casino boats.

It had long been speculated that the casino boats would receive approval, and on Thursday it became official in Charleston.

Now, the area will turn towards finding companies that are willing to operate the gambling boats. ?

?The City Council was determined to give South Carolina residents another form of entertainment. The state already possesses a strong tourism industry, and the casino boats could help lure more gamblers to the areas.

Local hotels are already discussing the possibility of creating packages that would include trips on the boats. ?

?However, experts say it is hard for riverboat casinos to compete with land based casinos.

Even riverboat casinos, that do not go out into the ocean are having a hard time. This summer, the President Casino in St. Louis closed.

The boats are also expected to bring employment opportunities to residents in and around North Charleston. ?

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