Now that Pennsylvania has Legalized Gambling, it’s Going After Illegal Gambling Operations (Big Time)

Pennsylvania, my home state, seems hell bent on become the gambling capital of the country.

So watch out Vegas. And definitely watch out Atlantic City.

Now, the state’s Gaming Control Board wants to ensure their casinos are receiving maximum revenue. That is why the Board approved grants that will help combat illegal gambling.

The Gaming Board approved three grants for more than $300,000 to uncover and combat illegal gambling operations.

Earlier this year, lawmakers in Pennsylvania amended the law regarding how much money could be given to the Local Law Enforcement Grant Program. The Gaming Board may give out up to $2 million a year annually for the purpose of investigating illegal gambling activity.

The Pennsylvania State Police received the largest portion of the just handed out  funds, almost $250,000.

Legislators legalized table games earlier this year in Pennsylvania, and one of the goals is to now ensure that all gambling is done in one of the authorized locations in the state.

Outside operations are being sought out by law enforcement officials.

So if you’re running one, watch out.

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