New Casino Opens in Russia

Could Russia someday become the new hotbed of gambling?

Right now, it would appear not. In fact, recent Russian laws have impeded the building of gambling casinos in or near major cities.

They say it is a safety factor. Locating casinos in remote settings.

Well, I don’t know about that one.

Take Orakul Casino, which is about 60 miles from a small city called Rostov-on-Don, in southern Russia.

The casino just opened and according to published reports, about 500 people showed up. The casino lies in Above City, a gambling zone in that part of the country. The casino has 200 slot machines and 10 table games.

Despite the small turnout (who can get there at this time of year?), casino owners are adamant — they are convinced there is a market for gambling in Russia and in fact, they plan to start construction of a four-star hotel this summer.

“There’s a lot of gambling people here in the region,” Valery Saparin, marketing director for casino operator Royal Time, told Russian news agency TASS. “We hope that a lot of people will be drawn to us in the near future.”

In a brief opening ceremony, the official permission for activities to organise gambling games in the Azov City zone was presented to the Royal Time president Rashid Taimasov.

New Russian laws limit legalised gambling to Azov City, the Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea, the Altai region of Siberia and the Primorsky region of Russia’s Far East.

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