N.J. Casinos Set to Fight Against Online Gambling

Here’s the deal.

New Jersey seems poised to become the FIRST state to legalize online poker …. at least within the state.

But Atlantic City casinos are putting the pressure on legislators to kill the bill.

Who’s kidding whom?

Folks, this is a smokescreen.

You’ve gotta know that the second online poker is legalized the casinos will be right there, ready to take advantage.

What they DON’T want is competition.

They want to monopolize the online poker industry in NJ.

It’s a useless battle.

And they know it.

But they also know that stalling will keep the millions flowing into their accounts.

OK, here is what is happening now: the New Jersey Casino Association, which represents the 11 casinos in Atlantic City, is reportedly opposing a referendum on allowing sports betting and online poker and gambling in land-based casinos.

The Association said in a statement that it opposes the referendum, as a positive outcome would mean that the introduction of intrastate gambling could violate federal bans.

“As the industry seeks to work with government to revitalize the economic engine that the Atlantic City casinos bring to the state of New Jersey, the last thing that the state needs at this time is to undermine the destination resort model by expanding gambling to other parts of the state,” wrote Joe Corbo, president of the Casino Association.

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

This new hurdle means that a review of the referendum has been delayed in the Assembly, and there are fears that this delay could impact the chances of its passage.

You are delaying the inevitable people.

Let me spend my money where I WANT to.


Anyone who agrees with me, let me know.

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