More on Canada: Casinos in the Province of New Brunswick, Open

This is awesome news for gamblers like me.

Now we can gamble in New Brunswick, Canada.

This week the province opened its door to casino gambling for the first time.

Of course, it’s always about raising revenues and Casino New Brunswick (as it is called) will likely do just that.

The government is hoping that the casino becomes a big success.

Early estimates are that the casino could generate $25 million annually. That would be beneficial for both the casino developer, Sonco Gaming New Brunswick, Ltd., and the government.

Everybody wins. [Except, probably unlucky players]

Casino New Brunswick took $90 million and several years to develop.

The casino will be home to 500 slot machines and twenty-two table games. And YES, a freaking poker room with eight poker tables will also be available.

“We think it’s going to help to bring some business to New Brunswick, to the Moncton region certainly, and create 400 jobs,” said Marc Belliveau, spokesman for the Department of Finance, as reported by The Canadian Press.

Then, there are the nay sayers.

While the revenue will be great, they say, some believe that the social ills will also be many. The concern is that the casino will lead more people down the path of gambling addiction.

Increased crime is also a possibility, according to opponents.

Casinos have become common in Canada.

With the opening of the New Brunswick casino, only Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador are left without casino gambling.

But when they need money and can’t justify raising taxes again…. you watch, casinos will open.

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