Is the Tide Rolling in Alabama Against Illegal Gambling Operations? Alabama Senate Meeting to Vote on Bill that Legalizes Gambling

Interesting things going on in the great state of Alabama.

Seems like the Governor’s task force on illegal gambling continues to lash out against illegal operations.

Well and good, we say.

The fight over bingo machine versus slot machine has been running rampant, but a change in the winds has been detected.

The Alabama Senate is meeting this week to discuss a proposed bill that would legalize gambling in Alabama.

It’s about time.

Twenty-one votes are required to move the Bill forward, but constituents are not entirely sure whether or not the Democrats in the state can manage to pull through and achieve the needed votes.

Legislators have tried this before, and failed.

We’d like to see voters cast their opinions on the issue.

Meanwhile, closing casinos in the state has NOT helped the local economies, and left many out of work. With the new found string of unemployment, the state is prepared to pick up the tab through taxpayer’s money. Legalized gambling,would not only reemploy these workers, but also generate tax revenue for the state.

We’ll check with our sources in Alabama and see if any progress is being made.

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