Indiana Card Counter Banned from Casino; Now the State’s Supreme Court to Decide Whether it’s Legal

Can a casino ban a player because he (or she) is a card counter?

I don’t believe they can. Or should.

I am a card counter. A bad card counter, but a card counter nonetheless.

Hence, casinos love me.

They love people who count cards, but aren’t very good at it.

Even if you are an average to good counter, they will let you in because they know, over time, they win.

Now, there is a very interesting case going through the Indiana courts … with their Supreme Court set to make a ruling this week.

The Indiana Supreme Court will listen to arguments this week on whether casinos have the right to ban gamblers who count cards.

Here’s the background:

Thomas Donovan of Indianapolis sued the Grand Victoria Casino and Resort after it banned him from the blackjack table in 2006.

The casino won the suit in court, but the state Court of Appeals reversed that decision.

Donovan’s argument is that neither the state nor the casino has rules barring card counting.

But the casino argues it’s privately owned and can choose not to do business with anyone.

The argument is interesting.

I’ll let you know what the court decides, whenever they decide.

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