If You Happen to Be in Guyana (of All Places), You Can Now Gamble at the Country’s First Casino

Well, if you happen to be traveling in South America…. a Turkish group of investors has now opened the country’s first legal casino

The Princess Casino Guyana exposed foreign dignitaries, the business community and the media to its $2 million investment recently. This, after more than a year of preparations.

“Ours was a soft opening and in about a week or two we will have the big one with speeches,” Operations Director Oguz Tayanc,” said.

Anxious to create employment and less dependence on traditional exports like rice, sugar, gold and bauxite, authorities have turned to the hotel and entertainment sector, setting up a gaming authority that said it was giving out two licenses initially.

Locals are barred from gambling at the facility unless they are registered guests at the 150-room hotel but the director acknowledged that marketing the entity in the small South American nation that attracts less than 300,000 tourists annually will be its greatest challenge.

Church groups had railed against the industry saying it will lead to further moral decay but authorities have insisted that safeguards like non-hotel guests will ensure it is only for tourists and foreigners.

I guess it’s OK for the rest of us to sink into moral decay.

But I digress.

The casino has more than 300 slot machines, 11 tables, two roulette tables, seven card games including poker and two Texas Holdems.

Nearby South American countries like Brazil, Venezuela and Surin already have casinos to attract foreign dollars.

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