Gambling Cheats Nabbed in the U.K., but Not Given Jail Time

This from the U.K. Press Association…a really interesting piece of news.

About two professional cheats nabbed in the U.K.

The two international  cheats, who also targeted casinos in central London, walked free from court this past week, after admitting possessing a series of fake IDs to use in casinos they were banned from.

As part of a global gang, Francesco Baioni, 64, and Frank Camilleri, 61, travelled the world cheating casinos out of money.

The pair – who police described as “notorious” and “professional” – served time here in the U.S.after cheating their way to “vast” amounts of cash.

Baioni, of Rackstraw House, Primrose Hill, was given a 12-month sentence suspended for 18 months. Camilleri, of Derrick Road, Beckenham, was sentenced to nine months suspended for the same period.

Both were also hit with an 18-month curfew between 11pm and 6am and were barred from all premises regulated by the Gambling Commission for 18 months.

Police would not discuss the tactics that landed the Italian duo so much money over the years but did reveal they had operated in China, Australia and America.

The pair were caught following an intelligence-led operation by officers from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command.

On August 9 search warrants were executed at their homes and Baioni was arrested. Detectives discovered “a large quantity” of fake Italian identity documents – containing pictures of Baioni and Camilleri. All bore false names.

Both men were charged and last month Baioni admitted nine counts of possessing false documents with intent, possessing articles for use in fraud and making articles for use in fraud.

Camilleri admitted eight counts of possessing false ID documents with intent.

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