Chicago Legislators Mull Expanded Gambling, Including Possible Casinos and Slots at Racetracks

Good news for gamblers (like me).

Seems like legislators all over the US are coming to their senses. Particularly after the last election.

No new taxes? OK then, how are Governors and legislatures going to balance budgets?


Illinois Senate President John Cullerton says the odds are good for an expansion of gambling in the state, including a Chicago casino and slot machines at the racetracks.

Cullerton says there’s a lot of support for more gambling and the estimated $1 billion a year in revenue it could bring.

Well, yeah.

“I think it has a better chance than it has in the past,” he told a Chicago TV station. “I think people know that we don’t have any money. People don’t want to raise their taxes; they want cuts. And this is voluntary. If they don’t want to gamble, they don’t have to,” he said.

Cullerton says Indiana has casinos just over the border and makes “millions and millions” from Illinois residents.

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