Would You Gamble On Good Friday?

This is definitely a controversial question, especially since religious views and gambling never really got along well. As we near one of the most – if not the most – important religious events in Christendom, we hear about gambling and religion clashing once again.

In Australia, gambling company Tabcorp is offering people the chance to gamble on Good Friday, the day which symbolizes the death of Jesus Christ. Naturally, a lot of people are outraged at the company’s decision. Many have expressed their sentiments, one of them the chairman of the Interchurch Gambling Taskforce, Mark Zirnsak. He says that the act is “rank hypocrisy” and that it is all about greed.

If the action pushes through, Tabcorp is set to make several million dollars on two NRL matches and several horse races that are going to be held on that day.

From Tabcorp’s point of view, however, they are merely “responding to the changing community standards.” Robert Nathan, managing director of wagering says that it is not like other gambling establishments are not doing the same thing. He cites poker machines and casinos as being open on Good Friday, and that they are merely following the lead of the market. Furthermore, Tabcorp stands by its idea that they are merely providing a choice to their customers.

It is a neat tangle indeed, isn’t it? On the one hand, I can see why certain sectors are offended by the very idea. On the other hand, Tabcorp is not forcing anyone to engage in gambling activities on Good Friday. How about you, would you bet on Good Friday if given the chance?

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