Would Traffic Jams Turn You Off Of Gambling?

I am pretty sure that it would slightly turn me off but not totally, and definitely not in the long run. If I were encountering traffic jam problems because of gambling, I would be sure to find a work around. I don’t know about you, but that is what I think.

Apparently, though, some anti-gambling groups have thought of using horrific traffic jams to prove a point AND to turn voters against gambling. Online Casino Advisory has the story:

Opponents of casino gambling purposely caused traffic congestion in Palmer, Massachusetts Saturday to protest proposals to place a casino there. Gaming foes who claim a casino in the city would snarl traffic and lower the quality of life there decided to try to approximate what they expect if gambling comes to town.

As many as seventy-five cars participated in the planned disturbance. Several of the drivers involved posted signs in car windows reading “casino traffic,” hoping that irritated residents would make the connection.

Did the protesters get the results they were aiming for? It’s too early to tell. However, there is one point that they might not have considered very much: if casinos were to be built in the area, surely traffic would be taken into consideration? Surely the developers would include that in the planning and putting up of the necessary infrastructure? If I were the protesters, I would find some other point of argument. While creating traffic jams might be sensational, it might not really hold water.

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