What’s Your Take On ATMs In Casinos?

Should ATMs be allowed inside casinos or not? Does it matter? Apparently, to some of our lawmakers, it does matter. And more than that, even the exact distance or exact location of the ATMs matter to them – down to a few feet!

Yesterday, lawmakers in New Mexico voted on whether or not to allow ATMs in their racetracks. More commonly known as racinos, these places have slot machines within the premises. The vote came down to 20-16, in favor of allowing the ATMs to be moved from outside into the restricted areas where gambling goes on.

On the one hand, we have legislators saying that “it is a matter of parity,” of being fair. On the other hand, we have those who say that allowing the ATMs within the premises only increases the problem for those with gambling addiction. Nevertheless, those who belong to the first group won out. As a result, the ATMs will now be more easily accessible to people playing in the racinos.

One interesting point about this is that the Senate amended the bill ever so slightly – in such a way that I think makes it more effective and fair. That is, they made it clear that the ATMs will NOT accept any cards such as welfare debit cards and any other card that is issued in regard to unemployment benefits. Makes sense to me.

Other than this point, I think that placing ATMs in more strategic positions benefits those who gamble in a responsible manner. Don’t you agree?

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