What’s The Worst Form Of Gambling?

According to a survey, state lotteries are among the worst forms of gambling. The rationale behind this conclusion is that those who play state lotteries are mostly the poor and those who belong to the minority. While I am not quite sure as to whether or not to believe the findings of this study, I feel obliged to share what I just found out.

I actually stumbled upon this piece of news over at Glowing Casino. There is no hard data as to who carried out the study, who commissioned it, and when it was conducted. It did say that the study was done in South Carolina. The stats:

The statistics from South Carolina were first kept by law but in recent times have been continued voluntarily by the lottery operators, they show that lottery players comprise the same percentages racially and economically as the general population, however, as soon as the numbers are adjusted for frequency of play they become skewed.

Less than 20 percent of the state’s population are black, but they do account for 38.4 percent of regular lottery players who participate more than once a week. 28 percent of the state is made up of households which earn less than $40,000 a year but they account for 53.4 percent of frequent players.

Numbers are numbers and you cannot really argue with them, can you? Still, I wish that they had provided more information as to the legitimacy of the study. This would help in convincing readers that it is a REAL study and not just propaganda. In any case, I am not that partial to state lotteries although I do play every now and then. After all, you never know. 😉

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