Top Tips For Good Gambling Etiquette

Gambling is supposed to be fun for everyone involved. Nothing ruins a good night of gambling at the casino than a person who is obnoxious, rude, and thinks of only himself. Oh, but we know that in real life, we are bound to run across these people. In fact, I have to say that most every time I go to the casino, I see at least one person like this. Then again, it does not mean that I want to be like that person! To avoid being that person that everyone hates, read and follow these tips.

Don’t hog the machines.
The more machines you play, the more chances you have of winning right? I am talking about video poker machines, slot machines, and other similar games. When there aren’t too many people around, I guess it is fine to play two, three, or even more machines. But when people start coming in, do give the others a chance. Just because you got there first does not mean you should hog all the machines to yourself!

Make your breaks short or give up your seat at the table.
If you are in for a long night (or day) of gambling, the chances are that you would take breaks every now and then. This is but normal and acceptable. A quick run to the washroom is fine. But if you are planning on eating a leisurely lunch, you might want to give up your spot and let other people play.

When playing roulette, don’t be too eager to place your next bet.
I know that placing bets is exciting, but you might want to wait for the dealer to finish the payout and remove the marker off the winning number before you throw your bet down. This will help prevent possible confusion and the dealer will thank you for it.

(to be continued)

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