Thumbs Up For Online Gambling

At least that’s the case in the Isle of Man.  For those who have been into online gambling for a while now, you would know that this place is a significant player in the online gambling industry.  As such, it would be a relief to know that the Isle of Man is doing great in terms of the industry.  Gambling 911 has this report:

The Isle of Man, an important online gambling center, reports that the industry is its fastest growing during these hard economic times.

Recent Poker reports that the business section of the Isle of Man Today newspaper reported this week that Internet gambling is the fastest growing sector of the Manx economy, bucking the economic slowdown trend with the prospect of new businesses and new jobs being created on the island over the next few years.?? More than 360 jobs have been created in the past three years, the newspaper reports, with some of the biggest names in the online gambling industry including Microgaming, PokerStars and Playtech setting up head offices.

If anything, this piece of news is good for everyone involved – except for those who are opposed to the idea of online gambling.  For one, people in the Isle of Man have more job opportunities.  For those of us in other places, this simply means that we can expect more chances to gamble online.  Seeing those big names being involved in operations in the Isle of Man, one cannot expect but more and new exciting games to be offered online in the near future.

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