Superbowl Gambling Is On!

The Superbowl is here and sports bettors all over the country are getting busy making their bets.  Sports books – both online and offline – are even busier dealing with the slew of bets coming in.  So how should you bet?

I will not go as far as to tell you who to bet on but here is the deal.  If you bet $100 on the Cardinals and they win, you also win – all of $210!  But that’s not the only kind of bet you can make for Sunday’s game.  There are all sorts of prop bets that sports books all over the country are offering.  The Baltimore Examiner features these:

They can range from how many yards a running back will gain to how many catches a player records. But the past decade, it has evolved., however, has odds on players getting arrested leading up to the Super Bowl (Santonio Holmes, 2/1 odds), touchdown dances (River Dance, 9/1 odds) and how many songs The Boss will play (over/under 3).

Las Vegas Sports Consultants has posted about 300 prop bets for its clients, which include the Las Vegas Hilton, Caesar’s and the Palms, with most created by senior odds maker Dan O’Brien.

If I were you, I would go to the most reliable online sports books now and look to see what kinds of bets you can make.  There is good money to be won on Sunday and I wouldn’t want to be left out of the betting.

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