Sports Gambling: To Legalize Or Not?

This one’s a no brainer as far as I am concerned. There are already countless people who are doing it, why not just legalize it? Apparently, that is NOT enough reason for some people. That is why there is a whole debate going on about whether or not to legalize sports gambling.

I came across a like minded person in Mike Prater, who wrote about this topic in the Idaho Statesman. I like his rationalization, which includes the following reasons sports gambling should be legalized:

® Get rid of the sleazy and mysterious offshore/online gambling industry.
® Reduce a serious hypocrisy in this county – sports gambling is already legal in four states, and gambling in one form or another (bingo, anyone?) is allowed in nearly every state.
® Spawn additional economic growth in the entertainment, restaurant and tourism industry.

First point – yeah, if the US were to legalize sports gambling, then companies would open up in the US and get rid of shady gambling companies. Secondly, I have said it once and I will say it again – America tends to have this prevailing sense of hypocrisy. We decry gambling and yet the average person is engaged in it one way or another! So why continue to hide it in various forms? Third, yes, legalized gambling will definitely bring in more cash and everyone knows that is much needed by our economy right now.

The idea is for the states to open themselves up to the idea of legalizing gambling and taxing it. I think that at the very least, we should be given the option. Whatcha think?

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