South Carolina Opens Itself To Gambling

South Carolina is known for many things but for those who have an affinity for card games, it is the epitome of hell. Well, at least it was. For the past 207 years, the state has disallowed the playing of games which involve dice and cards. This is perhaps the strictest state in these terms.

Times do change, however, and with it, people and attitudes change as well. And if Charleston senator and Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell has anything to do with it, the antiquated law prohibiting gambling in South Carolina just might be replaced. McConnell has proposed a new bill that will make legal certain gambling activities. These include social gambling and fundraisers with a gambling theme. The implications are quite huge in the eyes of people who have been prohibited from playing these games all their lives: home games among other activities. The caveat is that other gambling activities such as slots, sports betting, and video poker will not be allowed.

I am sure that there will still be a lot of complaints due to the exclusions, but I do believe that it is a positive step towards more open mindedness with regard to gambling in the state. I might be being overly optimistic about this but at least, people who love to play say, poker, can enjoy a night’s round of games without worrying that they are breaking the law. That is, if the bill is approved, which I am hoping it will.

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