You might be thinking: “What does the Church have to do with gambling?” And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. After all, we know that the Church generally has traditional views opposing gambling.

Then again, maybe you have not met or heard of Christian Council President Patrick Paul. Reverend Paul, as he is known, has stated – albeit reluctantly – that there exists a double standard when it comes to the Church and gambling. He said this with the disclaimer that he personally does not condone gambling. Reverend Paul, by the way is from the Bahamas, a well known playground of the rich and famous.

His statement is coming from somewhere. Think about the various activities that churches hold every now and then, especially the fundraisers. It is not uncommon to hear about bingo games and other similar games of chance. He said:

I think to some degree that should be considered. I’m referring to when we consider the raffle once a year, or scratch and win game. I do believe that there has to be some degree of regulation. In relation to our history in the last 25, 30, 40 years as it relates to (games such as bingo and other raffles) I’m saying that there should be a regulation in that regard.

In his first statement, he was referring to the idea that gambling should be legalized, which is a prominent issue in the Bahamas today. This is food for thought for everyone, to say the least. What do you think about this double standard? Does it really exist? Does it even really matter?

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