Putin And His Gambling Ban

I remember this blogger friend who wrote a very humorous post comparing Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. She compared and contrasted the two leaders of the world. I am pretty sure political analysts would have a lot to say about that piece but it just cracked me up. Anyhow, I got to thinking about that because of this piece of news that I just heard about – Putin is banning gambling in his homeland!

As you may very well know, when the Soviet Union crumbled, the prohibitions in the states also disappeared. Some actually like to say that with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, many things sprouted like mushrooms – gambling establishments being one of them. Truth be told, since that fateful day, there have been hundreds and hundreds of gambling establishments set up in Russia.

Then again, we cannot ignore another result of that dissolution – Putin. He may not be the president of the country anymore, but he is still considered to be one of the most powerful politicians in the country. And he showed just what he can do – early this month, he was able to pass a law banning ALL gambling in Russia, except in four special zones.

This was no idle threat either. Law enforcement agents have been sweeping through the country, cleaning up gambling dens and other similar establishments. Naturally, this has caused quite a stir. Patrons who have learned to enjoy the fruits of capitalism and workers who have benefited from the industry are all upset about the developments. For now, they can’t do anything about it but go to the four special gambling zones. I’m glad I am not in Russia.

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