No, I am not being delusional here. I understand that you may be hearing the words “UNLAWFUL INTERNET GAMBLING ACT” screaming in your head right now. That is what happened when I first read the article at USA Online Casinos too. However, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), despite the general opinion that Internet gambling is illegal, it is in fact legal.

The CEI released a report earlier this week, detailing how online gambling in the country does not break any laws. In the paper, it asserts how the US government and our politicians are actually responsible for the dangers of online gambling. An example cited was this:

A 2007 incident in which Netteller withheld payments because of pressure, including arrests of key personnel, by the US Department of Justice and the IRS led to millions being blocked from rightful owners. The incident is similar to a civil forfeiture case seizing millions supposedly belonging to Bodog online casino, but shrugged off by Bodog operators as money intended for US citizens as payment.

Another point that the paper highlighted is the fact that there is regulation going on, contrary to what many detractors say. Even if it isn’t the government laying down these measures, the operators themselves (together with foreign governments) have strict guidelines on how Internet gambling is carried out. Perhaps our own government can take their cue from these measures?

I agree with all of this but the question of whether or not our government is going to acquiesce is still very much up in the air.

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