Online Bingo? Why Not? Check Out WTGbingo, A Newly Launched Site, which was just recently launched, is trying to break away from the pack of online bingo sites.

It’s founders had in mind one thing that will help it stand out from the crowd.

This site wants to see winners! And a lot of them if possible.

Well, we’ll see about that.

Appropriately named WTGbingo, the moniker refers to the greeting used by online bingo players to congratulate the winner in any bingo game – wtg, short for: “Way To Go”.

To help more people experience what WTGbingo staff like to refer to as ‘the Thrill of Winning”, the site is offering some of the most generous bingo bonuses anywhere.

New players get to enjoy a $20 no deposit bingo bonus which they can use to try out the games in the site, no strings attached. If they choose to proceed and fund their account, that’s when the really substantial bonuses come into play, with a whopping 300 percent added to whatever the players choose to deposit.

Repeat depositors can enjoy huge bonuses as well, reaching as high as 350 percent.

Online bingo is growing quickly, that’s no secret, with more and more players from the UK and around the world getting hooked on to this pastime.

With this growth, new bingo sites are being launched regularly, each trying to compete by finding it’s own niche.

“WTGbingo was created to invoke that special feeling that all bingo players know so well – when your last number is called, your card is full, you know that the jackpot is yours, and then you can bathe in the glory with all your roomies calling out WTG, WTG to you.

I’ll check it out and report back.

Sounds like fun, though. And maybe a way to win some bucks.

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