Gambling At Funerals And Wakes?

Let’s take a break from all that legal talk about gambling and similar activities.  Did you know that in certain parts of the world, gambling is a common activity during wakes and funerals?  Take the Philippines, a small country in southeast Asia.  In this country, it is common practice to sponsor various table games while holding a wake.

While many of us would probably find this peculiar, let me tell you their rationale.  For the common people in this country, having a deceased member of the family is not easy financially.  Paying for the funeral expenses is difficult enough.  Even more difficult is the fact that they normally hold a wake for at least 3 days – some last for more than a week.  And while they have the wake, people come in droves every single night, to sympathize with the family.  The family then has the responsibility of feeding these people – snack bites, drinks, and even full meals!

Now imagine having to do this for at least 30 people every single day.  You can just imagine the cost of holding a wake!

Enter gambling.  When there is gambling, there is money involved.  And what do these families need to feed their visitors and pay for the funeral costs?  Money!  That is why it has become common to allow gambling to be held during wakes – part of the money goes to the family.

As bizarre as it may seem, the practice does have a certain logic to it, right?

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