Do You Think Sports Betting Is Taboo?

I was reading the news about gambling laws and such earlier when I ran across this line at Casino Gambling Web:

Sports betting is really the last taboo when it comes to gambling. Casinos are popping up all across the US, and the gambling opposition groups seem to be shrinking by the day. Sports gambling, however, still remains a delicate issue.

I guess I knew about this fact even before I read the article, but for some reason, I was not really consciously aware of it. Indeed, while I know a lot of sports fans who would not hesitate to go to the casino or go online to gamble, I still feel and see some sort of hesitation when it comes to sports betting.

Perhaps this is merely cultural? Or maybe there is a prevailing idea that betting on sports somehow violates the purity of the games? I am really not sure as to what the reason is, but the fact is that sports betting is more controversial than other forms of gambling. Even with recent developments in the state of Delaware, where they have legalized sports betting, there is no assurance that the rest of the country will follow suit. Some experts say that it is inevitable.

Just like what happened with casinos, once a state has opened itself up to gambling, others will soon follow. What I am thinking, though, is that there is stronger opposition to sports betting because of official sports organizations such as the NBA. I recall commissioner David Stern’s firm stand against the activity, especially after that scandal with the referee some years ago.

What do you think, is sports betting taboo or is it merely a matter of time before it is widely accepted in the country?

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