Charlie Crist Emphasizes Gambling’s Benefits To Education

Florida governor Charlie Crist has long been known to be a friend to the gambling sector. Who could forget that pact he made with the Indians to allow them huge liberties in their activities? While this was welcomed by many, it didn’t sit well with just as many other people.

He has been quite active recently in promoting gambling as a good source of revenue for the state. In fact, he visited a school and spoke about his point of view. The Miami Herald has this story:

Facing resistance from lawmakers to a $1.1 billion gambling deal with the Seminole Tribe, Gov. Charlie Crist ditched Tallahassee Thursday to visit a struggling Little Havana school he said would benefit from the money.

Crist didn’t make his pitch directly to the Riverside Elementary Community School teachers or students. He made it to a troop of television cameras.

”It will put more money into education for this hard-working principal and, more importantly than that, for the children at this school and others around the state,” he told a media gaggle after climbing the school’s steps. “We need to make sure we continue to make progress in education in Florida, and the opportunity to adequately fund great schools like this one today is the way to do it.”

To be honest with you, I do not quite agree with his tactics. He is politicizing gambling, which I think should just be left to the discretion of the individual. Then again, can we expect anything else? Politicians will always attach themselves to a cause. In any case, we shall see how the people of Florida react to this. Are you from there? Any opinions?

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