Care To Bet On Obama?

Not on whether or not he will be president, silly.  He’s due for inauguration tomorrow.  The bet is on whether or not he will reinstate online gambling in the United States, thereby nullifying the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act passed into law by his predecessor.

This is a serious and real bet, by the way.  A bookmaker in the UK is offering odds on the matter.  This is the story as reported by Bingo News:

Bookmaker William Hill, who are the second largest betting company in the UK, offer odds of Evens (bet $100 to make $100 profit) that Obama will legalize online gambling at any point during his presidency, including in a potential second term. They offer odds of 8-11 (bet $110 to make $80 profit) that online gambling is not legalized during his presidency.

Graham Sharpe, spokesman for William Hill, told Bingo News that they would define the legalization of online betting as being able to place any bet online that a UK citizen currently would be able to. “You would not get paid out if poker was made legal online but sports betting was not. We would only say online gambling was fully legalized if you could bet on sports, bingo, casinos and poker.”

This is not the only interesting proposition that William Hill is presenting to gamblers, by the way.  For now, though, this is perhaps the most interesting and popular bet.  Which way would you go?  My bet shall remain a secret for now. 😉

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