Bringing the Slots Experience into Your Home, Playing Online can be Awesome

Mea Culpa.

I like to play the slots.

I’m not an 80 year old granny, although there is nothing wrong with being an 80 year old grandmother.

And I’m not a hot chick (see above).

But I like the quick action of the game. Slot in your coins, hit a button, pull a lever and watch the figures spin and voila, you win or lose instantly.

It’s like the casino version of an instant scratch lottery game.

Instant gratification. And since I love to scratch, I also like the slots. I love the sound. The vastness of a casino hall with bright lights, its bells and whistles at 4 a.m.

I was in Vegas recently, at the Bellagio, to watch a game show being taped there, and I was just amazed (I shouldn’t be, after all these years) at the action in the slots area. Not just women. Men.

So obviously, men don’t just play poker and craps anymore.

But for those who can’t get to Vegas, Atlantic City or your nearest riverboat casino or Indian Reservation casino, I have news for you. I suggest online gambling at online casinos that are so cool and slick they will knock your socks off and give you a great slots experience at home.

Sure, you’re not sitting there with a bucket of coins, but the effect is almost the same. The sound effects, the bells and whistles. The games. The instant gratification.

With all the advanced technology available, online casino software providers can emulate any slots machine and make it available to play online.

It’s impossible to list all the different online slots for fans of the game to play. I like Playtech software, for instance, for the quality of the games they produce.

Me, I like the 7 reels with more than 100 paylines slots, but some prefer simpler 3 reels. It’s all there.

I am not in the habit of promoting one over the other. Let’s just say, check them out, and go with the more well known casinos if you are afraid of gambling online.

The better casinos are totally secure. I think most newbies worry about that.

I don’t anymore.

There are some totally cool online slots on the Internet and I’d like to hear about some of your favorites. Drop me a line.

In the meantime, have fun, play on and see you online.

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