American Idol In Final Stage: Bets Are On!

Remember that post on American Idol? Even in the earlier stages of the reality TV show, people were already placing their bets on who would be the part of the final four, the final three, and so on. Now, we are at the last stage of the contest – there are only two contestants remaining. One is Kris Allen, the cute crooner who seems to have an air of shyness about him. The other is Adam Lambert, no less cute but oozing with confidence and self assurance. Who will win this year’s title of American Idol? I personally think that Adam’s a shoe in but I hate predictability, so I am going to go with Kris Allen. The people at Gambling Online Magazine have this to say:

It’s not surprise then that Lambert remains the favourite to win at -375 with not a lot between the two other remaining contestants Danny Gokey at +225 and Kris Allen at +250. Although there are a range of odds out there ranging from -290 to -500 for Lambert.

However some are skeptical Lambert will be able to win with his less traditional style which may not appear to Middle America and the Deep South. Despite this Lambert has gained more popularity every week although he did not start out as the favourite.

This was published when Gokey was still in the running – he is MY favorite. Now that he is out, the odds will probably go up for Lambert, but let me tell you this: I am going to win big if Kris Allen brings home the title!

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