Prospects For US Online Gambling Looking Up?

I am not predicting anything with a hundred percent guarantee but online gambling in the US just might get a break soon.  I am sure that you have been following the news and that you have been hearing about Obama’s stimulus package that is aimed at helping the US economy recover from the blows it has been suffering.  One of the main points of this stimulus package is the pushing forward of American products and services.  “Buy American” is now the battle cry of the administration and it is sounding good to many people.

In the realm of online casinos, it seems that the experts are smelling the wind of change as well.  Online Casino Advisory recently published a report along the same lines. Online Casinos might be allowed in the US once again.

The new economic stimulus package being advanced by the Obama administration utilizes a “Buy American” provision that makes casino industry analysts wonder if US  gaming companies will get advantages in licensing over established foreign online gambling sites. According to a report by CNN Money, the $819 billion package encourages protectionism of American products against overseas competitors.

The European Commission, which has been investigating claims of such discriminatory practices against online casinos as raised by the Remote Gaming Association, now faces a broader attempt b y the US to favor domestic products. The Commission announced on Thursday the intent to challenge the provision if it becomes law.

They can dicker all they want – we only want to know one thing.  Will online gambling in the US be restored?

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