Top 2 Sports Betting Tips

Are you a sports betting junkie? Well you are not alone! Lots of people who love sports engage in sports betting activities. After all, what better way to manifest your belief in your favorite team than to put your money on them? A more difficult question, perhaps, is this: “Do you know your way around sports betting?” Here are three quick tips that can help you win.

Don’t fall for teasers and parlays.
Justin Goff explains why: Both of these types of bets are long term losers for the bettor, and long term winners for the sports book. The payouts on both of these bets make them look very attractive, but in reality, you will earn more money just betting the games straight up. Let’s look at the parlay for example. If you have a three team parlay and you put $20 on it and it pays 6-1, you must win all three games to win $120. In my experience you will not 3-0 one out of every six times. You‘ll usually go 3-0 about one out of every eleven times. So already you are at a disadvantage. The second reason sports books love parlays is because you can still have a winning record and lose.

Just because everyone is rooting for someone, it doesn’t mean that he is going to win.
The suggestion? Go against the flow! Of course, this is not always the case but in many situations, when the public votes overwhelmingly for one side, the underdog wins. If you do not feel like taking the risk, just do not bet.

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