The Night the Golden Boy’s Light Dimmed

What did I tell you in the last post?  Didn’t I say that I was betting on the underdog?  Well you can hit me now – I changed my mind and didn’t do anything about it.  In my heart, I knew I should have taken the risk.  I should have placed those bets.

But I didn’t.

Saturday night, as I was watching the fight on HBO PPV, I was mentally punching myself.  From the start of round 1, it seemed that the underdog was no longer the underdog.  As the fight progressed, it was clear who was going to win that fight.  By round 7, it was starting to become ridiculous.

There was the Golden Boy who, at the peak of his career, was unbeatable.  True, he is NOT at the peak right now and his opponent clearly is.  Still, you would have expected so much more fight to have come out of someone like Oscar dela Hoya.  He didn’t become famous because of nothing!

I know that it was a disappointment to many DLH fans out there.  Believe, I used to be one.  That boy could fight!  After this last fight with Manny Pacquiao, however, one simply has to think again.  What happened to the shining Golden Boy?

In any case, there is no sense in dwelling on it.  The Pacman came and conquered and he did so brilliantly, elegantly.  As Larry Merchant himself put it “there is a new king of boxing.

Yeah…I am still regretting not putting my money on that new king…

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