Some Tips For UFC Betting

I was watching reruns of the UFC the other night, hence, my proclivity for writing about UFC these past days.  The UFC is very dynamic and really engages the viewer, whether you are at the venue or at home, watching on TV.  It is also one of the most popular events that sports betting enthusiast like.  We talked about some basics in the previous post, let’s talk about some basic tips this time.  How can you make the most out of your UFC betting experience?

Here’s tip # 1: Do not bet on heavy favorites.
Just because a fighter is the heavy favorite does not mean that he will win.  Unlike in other sports, the UFC is known to have great upsets.  Experienced UFC betters will tell you to stay within a -300 favorite range and to stay away from those who are above a -400 favorite.

For tip #2: You are not required to bet on every single fight.
This might be a no brainer for some but for a beginner who is more enthusiastic than usual, betting on every fight might be tempting, especially if he has a considerable bankroll.  I suggest, however, that you keep that bankroll intact and choose your fights.  Choose the fights where there is a considerable edge between the two fighters and win big.  If you still want to bet on fights where there is no considerable edge between the fighters, do yourself a favor and keep your bets small (negligible even).

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