Sex Education To Lessen Gambling?

Where’s the connection? That question forcefully came to mind as I read the opening lines of an article published by Online Casino Report. Apparently, a couple of writers have expressed their thoughts on youth gambling and they have linked the tendency to do so with the lack of sex education as well as parenting skills. Here’s what they have to say:

“The Prevalence of Problem Gambling Among US Adolescents and Young Adults: Results From a National Survey,” which was released in 2007, randomly surveyed youths from age 14 to 21.

It showed that 68% of those in this age bracket have gambled in some form in the past year. This could be from poker tournaments to a friendly bet on who would win the Super Bowl. 11% admitted to gambling at least twice a week.

While this may be alarming for sure, one writer at Gambling911 jumped upon this and stated that this percentage of youths are those “who are not parented properly and quite possibly those who roam the streets late at night selling drugs and playing loud music… the study does not ask how many are sexually active, which would determine the type of moral upbringing and therefore all but eliminate ‘gambling’ as a core issue.”

I have to say that I a bit astounded. Lack of proper parenting, ok, I think my mind can somehow correlate that to the proclivity for gambling. But sex education? Come on now. I think that linking that and gambling is a bit of a stretch! What do you think?

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