More Baseball Betting Tips

How do you feel about how the World Series ended?  I am sure that there are a variety of opinions out there.  But that is all behind us now – another season will start in the ensuing months.  For now, let me share some more baseball betting tips which you can use when it is time to bet on this sport again.

Tip #3: Streaks are important.
Although I will start with saying that streaks are not everything, you should still consider them when making your bets.  Let’s look at a situational example to make this tip more practical.  If a heavy favorite wins 3 games in a row, what should you do for their next game?  Though you might think that betting on them is a good idea, I suggest that you do the opposite.  The chances are that they will not be winning the next game.  Same thing goes if an underdog has been losing 3 games in a row.

Tip #4:  Pay attention to the pitchers.
Pitchers are not the only important members of their teams but they are pretty important.  You should know that pitchers play every 4th day – usually – and that if, in his last game, he suffered even a minor injury, you should not bet on his team the next time around.  The chances are that he might not be recovered well enough to give you your money’s worth.

Tip #5: Also pay attention to the other key players.
As I said above, the pitcher is not the end all be all of a baseball team.  You should also pay attention to how the rest of the team performs and base your bets on the team as a whole.  Do not make the mistake of basing bets on the pitcher alone.

More tips next time?

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