Don’t Drink And Gamble

We all know that line “don’t drink and drive.” That’s something that every person should know and practice.  But have you ever drunk and gambled?  I bet the results were almost as disastrous as if you had driven while intoxicated.  If there is another maxim that you should live by, it this: don’t drink and gamble!

Think about it.  Why does it seem like alcohol is free flowing is some casinos?  Why do they serve drinks at casinos?  Of course, it may just be that the management wants their patrons to enjoy themselves.  After all, a glass or two of wine or beer will not hurt, right?  Well, as long as you stick to a glass or two, then everything should be fine.

However, after several glasses, you just might lose count and continue drinking without really being aware of it.  The result? An intoxicated gambler.  And what does an intoxicated gambler do?  He does not play to the best of his abilities.  And what happens when he does play to the best of his abilities?  He loses.  Then he loses again.  Then he thinks that he has to chase his losses.  Then he finds himself losing even more.  Before he knows it, he has lost everything.

This problem is exacerbated even more if that person has a gambling problem – even the slightest of gambling problems.  Now I am not saying that everyone has a gambling problem.  It’s just that if you know that you might have the tendency to be addicted to gambling, just stay away from alcohol, which will just add to your problems even more.

Remember, don’t drink and gamble.

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