Do You Know Slot Machine Etiquette?

Is there such a thing?  Of course!  Just because you are gambling does not mean that you should not practice good manners.  I know, there are people who gamble do not seem to possess manners but do you want to be grouped alongside them?  I doubt it.  If you like playing the slots, here are some tips for good manners.  It can get you places, do not doubt that.

Coin cups on seats or handles mean something…
…that is, that usually means that the slot machine is taken.  If a person has been playing long enough on a machine, he or she might need to take a bathroom break – or any other kind of break.  Normally, though, people want to go back playing on the same machine.  When this happens, they leave their coin cup on the seat or the handle of the machine to signify that they are coming back to play again.  The next time you see a vacant machine, check for the coin cup first and if you see one, move on – someone has laid claim to it.

Multiple machines
There are people who like to play several slot machines at once.  There is nothing wrong with that – unless there are other players waiting to play.  If you like playing multiple machines and you see that there are people waiting on you, do them the courtesy of giving up the other machines so that they can have their turn.  You would expect others to do the same, right?

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