Decisions Which Can Make The Difference

We are all faced with decisions every single day of our lives. Some decisions can be as mundane as what to eat for breakfast or what to wear to work while other decisions can be more important and life changing. Going to a casino or gambling is much like life in this respect. The activity is full of decisions that you have to make. Some of these decisions may not have a huge impact on how your casino night turns out to be while others are quite important and can make or break you.

So what are the important decisions that you have to make when gambling? Jerry Patterson, author of the best selling gambling book Casino Gambling, presents 8 key decisions that you would have to face in a casino setting. They are:

• Decision 1: To play or not to play
• Decision 2: Which game to play
• Decision 3: Which casino to play
• Decision 4: Which table to play
• Decision 5: Betting unit size and tactics for increasing the bet
• Decision 6: When to leave the table
• Decision 7: When to leave the casino
• Decision 8: When to terminate the casino session

I would say that in order to gain that competitive edge, you have to run these decisions through your head even BEFORE you go to the casino. For example, you have to decide the point wherein you absolutely have to leave the table. Similarly, you have to set your own limits. Determine beforehand when you would leave the casino and call it a night.

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