College Football Season Is Here!

The college football season is here and I am sure that football fans are more than happy to have this as a Christmas present.  For those of you who follow college football in order to place your bets, I am pretty sure that you are already at the edge of  your seats, trying to figure out which betting strategy to take.  Well, here are some tips that can help you have a winning season for yourself.

Understand the teams’ motivation
Tony George has a very insightful take on this:
What teams truly do or do not want to be in that particular bowl game? Stay away from teams that may have expected to be in a much better bowl, especially if the loss occurred in their last 2 games. It is hard for a team to get up for a bowl that they are only in because they did not do what they accomplish what they needed to down the stretch? Also, watch for teams who were “screwed” out of a better bowl by being jumped in the polls, or BCS ratings.

Find out all you can about the coaching staff
As with any other sport, the coaching staff in college football matters.  I think that it may even have a heavier weight in this area – they are playing for something more than money and the coaching staff has more influence in this regard.  Do your research and find out everything that you can about the people behind the scenes and how important winning is to the coaches.

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