Annoying Gamblers

I was reading through a gambling web site which features amusing lists.  One list I found was titled “Types of Guys Who Annoy You at the Casino.”  Let’s have a laugh together.

Depressing drunk guy
Ahuh – I gamble not because I want to be depressed but because I want to feel the thrill of the game.  I am not spending my money because I want to hold someone else’s hand and be dragged down with him!

Guy who’s always telling people what he is up/down
Hey, mister, I know when I am winning and I know when I am losing.  There is no need to inform me about it! Would you want me rubbing in it when you are on a losing streak?

Gambling cheerleader
If I wanted a cheerleader I would have gone to a high school football game!

Guy who questions your play in blackjack and how it affects him
This kind of guy really irks me.  Don’t get me wrong – I like social interaction but if you have to question everything I do at the blackjack table just because you are losing, well go home!

Guy who is rooting against your team in the sports bar
I have to keep my mouth shut here, I suppose.  Sometimes I am guilty of doing this – especially if I have a huge bet on the opposing team.  I suppose a little heckling is part of sports betting, don’t you think?

Belligerent old guy
Old or young, belligerent is never fun.  Gambling is supposed to be fun.  The moment you start being so uptight, the others at the table would not like it.

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