A Closer look At The Key Decisions

In the previous post, we took a look at Jerry Patterson’s list of key decisions that could spell the difference between success and disaster when you are gambling. Let us look more closely at some of the key decisions and see if we can gain more insight.

To play or not to play
How do you decide on whether to play or not to play? Perhaps there is no clear cut answer for some people but there are some questions which could help you make a decision. For example, do you feel a bit tired? Do you feel that you are emotionally distracted? If you have these kinds of concerns before you gamble, then you may very well be better off NOT playing.

You may WANT to play with all your heart but if you are NOT as stable as you could be, then it would be better to put off gambling for the night. Remember, the casinos are not really going anywhere. You can still play the next night, or the next. It is better to wait than to run a larger risk.

Which game to play
This is another important decision that a gambler should make each time he pays the casino a visit. Do you merely go in and sit at the first empty table that you find? Perhaps it would be better to weigh your chances first. Which game are you best at? Perhaps you should concentrate on that rather than spreading yourself between too many tables.

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