A Closer Look At Key Decisions (Part 2)

We ended with the idea of choosing wisely when it comes to the tables that you play in the last post. It is just fitting that we start with choosing wisely when it comes to the casinos that you play. Do take note that I am talking about real life casinos here.

If you are located in an area which does not offer too many choices when it comes to casinos, then you might not have to worry much about this point. If, however, you have a considerable amount of choices, then you certainly have to make a decision as to which casino you should frequent.

The basic idea here is to choose a casino that has more tables and fewer people. Why? It is actually related to the previous point – more tables and less people would mean that you can scout the tables better and make a wiser choice.

When do you leave the table? Patterson gives three scenarios – game breakdown, stop-loss, and stop-win. Despite the fancy terminology, the idea is the same – set limits and follow them. For game breakdown, for example you are getting nothing but bad cards. Once you see a losing trend, leave.

The streak could last for hours leaving you with nothing. Stop-loss is basically telling yourself beforehand that you will quit when you lose a certain amount. No ifs, no buts. When you lose this amount, stand up. Stop-win on the other hand is making the decision to leave when you win a nice sum.

I know it can be hard to follow these pieces of advice but think about it, you will go home with a fatter bankroll if you do.

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