To Gamble or Not To Gamble?

Far away in the land of Kentucky, two politicians are battling it out for supremacy – and one of their weapons is the casino. Well it may not be that far from some of you – I was just trying to be a smarty pants. Anyway, I saw this on the news this morning – Governor Ernie Fletcher and challenger Steve Beshear are trying to one up each other in the political race.

One of their main concerns is the expansion of gambling in their State. Of course, Kentucky is known all over the world for the Kentucky Derby – which is a good as gambling gets. Reigning governor does not want any more gambling aside from this. Beshear, on the other hand, wants to amend the constitution to legalize casinos. I wonder who will win?

Let’s fly over to the sunny state of Florida where Governor Crist is trying to make a deal with the Seminole Indians. He wants to upgrade the existing casinos with the aim of upping the state’s finances. House Speaker Marco Rubio is against this though as he thinks expanded gambling is morally indefensible. Hmmm…

Now how about in Massachusetts? Middleborough has invited the Mashpee Wampanoags to develop a casino complex. Again, this bodes well for the town’s finances. Then again, there many sectors – Catholic groups among them – who totally disagree with this.

I don’t know about you, but I detect a pattern here. Which side do you think will eventually end up on top?

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